The Interview hosts non-fiction writer and humourist Andrew Clark

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Esoterica Magazine editors Leah Eichler and Susan Catto host award-winning author and humorist Andrew Clark. Andrew talks about his non-fiction book, A Keen Soldier, his grandfather’s influence on his decision to write the story, and the nature of “the truth” as one version of reality. Catch this insightful interview on non-fiction writing.

Esoterica Magazine’s Halloween Special with Bethany Browning

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Get ready for a spooky special, as Leah Eichler and Susan Catto chat with horror writer Bethany Browning about her most recent story, “Cracker,” and how inability to process grief and trauma can give rise to eerie and unsettling consequences.

The Interview speaks to Joseph Kertes

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The Interview, with Esoterica Magazine Editors Leah Eichler and Susan Catto, features critically acclaimed Canadian author and humourist Joseph Kertes. Joseph talks about his writing influences, as well as his experiences of fleeing his homeland of Hungary as a child. Join us for this riveting interview, out now.

Esoterica tackles Kayne, Vampires and Non-Critical Readers

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In this edition, Leah Eichler and Susan Catto look at the recent Kanye West scandal and hate speech in banned books. They consider the Halloween season, vampires, and themes linked to vampire stories. They also finish off with reading habits and reading critically, with a focus on 1984.

Leah Eichler and Susan Catto discuss the film Blonde.

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Susan Catto is the Editor-in-Chief at Esoterica Magazine and has written a thought-provoking ‘Big Ideas’ piece about male characters in literature. Join Susan Catto and your host Leah Eicher on this week’s interview.

The Interview: ‘Watch out for Her’ by Samantha Bailey

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This week on Esoterica Mag we bring you an interview that is as captivating as the thriller being discussed. This is the riveting story of an obsessive stay-at-home mother, who hires a babysitter to care for her 6-year-old son so that she can focus on her passion for photography. She’s forced to relocate her family […]

The Interview: “How to Solve a Cold Case” by Michael Arntfield

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In this episode we meet Michael Arntfield, a cop-turned-criminologist and professor at Western University, where he founded the Cold Case Society, an unsolved-crimes college think tank. Arntfield will discuss his new book, “How to Solve a Cold Case.” You won’t want to miss this!