Tea and Sympathy and Lies

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By Edward M. Cohen In 1953, “Tea and Sympathy” opened on Broadway to raves and controversy, mainly because it tackled a taboo subject, homosexuality. But it did so in an acceptable way because the hero turned out to be straight, after all. So everybody could breathe a sigh of relief. In the end, he learns […]

A Very Kurt Conversation

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By Robert Basler, “Indianapolis, Indiana is the first place in the United States of America where a white man was hanged for the murder of an Indian. The kind of people who’ll hang a white man for murdering an Indian–that’s the kind of people for me.” — Kurt Vonnegut   When I was growing up […]

Long Route to Beirut

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By Robert Basler, Although it baffles me when I try to remember why this was, I used to enjoy occasional stints at the Reuters United Nations Bureau. The U.N. struck me as overflowing with gas bags and buffoons, but it was kind of sweet how they took themselves so seriously and observed actual civilized traditions. […]

The Phenomenon of Internet 101-ism

The Phenomenon of Internet 101 isms

By Nadia Schmidtke, An abundance of information within our reach is a dream that few could’ve imagined half a century ago. But how could we have known that knowing too much could be more blinding than enlightening? In this era of Google, not knowing about something topical is a moral failure. Not having an opinion […]

The Gabby Petito Case Highlights our Obsession with the Missing

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By Leah Eichler When I was 12, my uncle spontaneously decided to whisk me and my brother away to Florida for our birthday. The plan was to surprise my grandparents and then continue to Disney World. It’s difficult to underscore how big of a deal this was. We weren’t the kind of people that could […]

Honey, a Robot Took my Job and That’s OK

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By Leah Eichler   “Are you saying, Dad, you’re glad you lost your job?” “In many ways, Josie, yes. And it’s not like I really lost my job. It’s all been part of the changes. Everyone’s had to find new ways to live their lives.”   There’s a pivotal moment in Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel, […]