Novel Excerpt: (In) visible

In visible2

By Ivan Baidak I feel that otherness is inside us—in what we think about, in what we consider important, in how we treat people around us. It has always surprised me how different we can be; how different people are interested in different things, from drama to machine-building; how they have different tastes in music […]



By Alex Dako, He checked his cellphone; he had two missed calls and a text message that read: “hey man… I need your muscles at my house for a few hours lol. Give me a shout.” He stuffed his phone into his pocket. More money, but it would have to wait. He leaned down on […]

Pancake Day

pancake day 2

By Sarah Edmonds They are perfect. Just how he remembers them—better, even. Circular and golden, with purpled unbroken globes all over, each evenly spaced from its neighbour. Real maple syrup from all the way up north drips from lightly crisped edges. He has never had real maple syrup before, so the taste isn’t part of […]

Three Minutes

Three minutes

By Lillian Neal “Three minutes,” I say, struggling to keep the nerves from my voice as I start the timer. I use the mirror to gauge his reaction as I place my phone down beside the sink. His face looks pale, and his morning shadow is making him look tired. His grey eyes flick to mine […]

Maybe Talk to Carl

maybe talk to carl 2 2

By Derek Alan Jones Okay, look. I did push the button. Carl told me not to push it, but, I mean, have you ever been told not to push a button? It does something to you. Next thing you know, every muscle you have is aching to push that button, and your brain goes “guys, […]

You Make Yourself Amazing

you make yourself amazing

By Sean Nishi It can get exhausting. The school kids. The team building groups. The seminarians. Especially the seminarians. Today we have a group of skeptical Catholics come in. “What foul God would permit these defects?” says one priest-in-training. “Or rather,” says another one, “how can our faith match the fortitude of these individuals?” The […]

Shigeru’s Shadow

Shigerus Shadow 1 2 2

By RICHSKI  I conducted my interview with John Ashfield as part of a university-led project to record recollections of the last remaining World War Two veterans.  John told me that he had only shared this story with a single person, and it was not his wife.  He feared that the revelations would make her uncomfortable […]

Real Friends

My Friend 2

By Steven Daniel When I was a boy, my friend Ellie could almost fly. I remember the first time she showed me. We snuck up to the roof of our apartment building and I watched as she walked to the edge and stepped off. She didn’t fall, she just stood floating with nothing beneath her. […]



By Andrew Clark, At first, Catherine Davis thought some kids had played a prank. On the front lawn of her Riverdale home were two piles: one a pile of thirty severed hands, the other a pile of thirty severed feet. Seated in a plastic chair at the centre of the lawn was a makeshift dummy […]

The Carnival

eso carnival 1

By Geeta Johal, Samuel glances over his shoulder and sees the moon spilling into the sea.  He dusts his leather jacket, hides a gun under his shirt, and climbs into his boots. Samuel grinds his teeth as he steers out into the night. Cold headlights streak down an empty road leading to the past. The […]