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Thank you for trusting us with your precious words. Before submitting a pitch, please read a few articles on the site to get a sense of our tone. Hint: If you subscribe to our newsletter, we know you’ve done your homework. We will not engage with anyone who is racist, sexist, or demeaning.

For Big Ideas: We are looking for well-articulated, well-formulated big think pieces. You should have some expertise, or at least researched and reported your topic before proceeding. In your pitch, tell us what topic you are going to tackle and how the piece will play out. In your bio, tell us why you are the best person to write it. Max 3000 words but if you need to go over, just tell us why. We pay $55 Canadian and as a bonus, we will illustrate you work beautifully and promote it widely on social media. We also offer feedback on works we choose to run.

For Fiction: Esoterica looks for fiction that sticks with us for days. We ruminate about it in the shower and recount its key moments with our partners in bed.  It’s beautiful or devastating or haunting but not in a horror-flick way. It tells us something about what it means to be human. 

If that sounds like your piece, please submit to us. We tend to run literary fiction under 3000 words but if it’s a bit over, or not quite literary, just try us.  We pay $35 Canadian and also offer feedback on works we choose to run.

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