The Pandemic Taught Me I Don’t Need to Smile

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I thought smiling made me a nice person. Not only was I making everyone’s day better by blessing them with an unobstructed view of my bright and shiny chompers, but I was showing them they matter. My smiling made others feel important.Then it dawned on me: My adult smiling was an offshoot of my childhood attention grabbing. Never was this more obvious to me than when I had to mask up for COVID.

Honey, a Robot Took my Job and That’s OK

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By Leah Eichler   “Are you saying, Dad, you’re glad you lost your job?” “In many ways, Josie, yes. And it’s not like I really lost my job. It’s all been part of the changes. Everyone’s had to find new ways to live their lives.”   There’s a pivotal moment in Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel, […]

Did A Bank Teller Change Ontario’s Course on Basic Income?

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By Jamie Swift During Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s 2018 election campaign, he promised to stay the course, funding the province’s Basic Income pilot project for its full three years. It took a few short weeks for his government to kill the research project. Why? Maybe Ford’s boss-friendly cronies had heard that Hamilton bank teller James […]