Organic fresh pomelo or citrus maxima fruit hanging on a branch close up with copy space

By Ellis Shuman, The war had been raging for 40 days when Eli reported to the orchards. Seven in the morning and he was the first one. The only one. Was he in the right place? Was he in his right mind to have driven an hour and a half from his relatively safe home […]

How to Triumph with Only One Shoe

Close up of old sneakers hanging on a powerline in the evening glow

By N.L. Jorgensen, I’m a piano geek. Book nerd. Medieval music freak. I never dreamed I’d spend a week in Eugene, Oregon, at the Olympic track and field trials. But here I am. It’s Monday, June, 21, 2021, and in a few days, my daughter will compete in the 10,000 meters. Right now, I’m absorbed […]