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By James F. McGrath, “I’m recording this so that you can be certain, as I am…” Kelly Wallace pushed the button on the console again and stopped the recording. Before she finalized it, and recorded the concluding phrase, before she made it final and sent it off, she wanted to listen to the entire thing one […]

Danila Botha, author of “Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness”

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Danila Botha, author of “Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness” talks about keeping things short, rejection, perseverance, Anne Frank and addiction. Esoterica Magazine published one of the stories in the collection, Rats in Disguise. Read the story and then watch our lovefest.

An Unforgettable Float

Wooden boat resting at Sasthamcotta lake

By Daisy Cashin, Linda woke up with the summer sun and reached over to her bed’s cold right side. Startled not to find anyone there, she reached for a pack of Parliament cigarettes on her bedside table, then plucked one out with her front teeth. In the table’s drawer, Linda found a pink lighter and […]

The Zone of Interest and Perpetrator Fiction

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By Leah Eichler, As a teenager, my mom used to treat me to a manicure if I promised to stop biting my nails. I bit them as soon as I could fit a sliver of nail under my teeth. I bit them even with the polish meant to taste like gasoline. I bit them until […]

Under the Midnight Sun

A pool of water near icebergs inhabited by penguins

By Debra J. Tillar There was a commotion in the penguin colony. Frantic screeching and clamor. A skua had stolen a pin-feathered chick from a nest left unattended and the outraged parent was trying to snatch back the tiny, lifeless creature. Devin watched the skua win the tug-of-war and sail with its plunder into the […]

The 49ers and Divine Intervention

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By Bruce Farrell Rosen, My mom, who passed away from cancer in 1999, was a gifted psychic.  She never wanted notoriety or fame, she just wanted to read cups to support our family after my dad left the home in our teenage years. But because she was so gifted, so talented, she developed quite a […]


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By Ellis Shuman, The war had been raging for 40 days when Eli reported to the orchards. Seven in the morning and he was the first one. The only one. Was he in the right place? Was he in his right mind to have driven an hour and a half from his relatively safe home […]

How to Triumph with Only One Shoe

Close up of old sneakers hanging on a powerline in the evening glow

By N.L. Jorgensen, I’m a piano geek. Book nerd. Medieval music freak. I never dreamed I’d spend a week in Eugene, Oregon, at the Olympic track and field trials. But here I am. It’s Monday, June, 21, 2021, and in a few days, my daughter will compete in the 10,000 meters. Right now, I’m absorbed […]

Should You Kickstart Your Non-Fiction Book Project?

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Howard Lovy has been many things: a journalist, covering everything from Judaism to science and technology, a podcaster, a feature writer for Publishers Weekly, a book editor, a memoirist. The list goes on. But right now he says that the most important thing to know about him is that, as a child and grandchild of […]

Author Darren McKee on AI and the Future of Writing

Darren McKee

In the new and scary world of “superintelligence,” Darren McKee tells writers to view AI “like a calculator,” but advises us to be transparent about our usage. McKee is the author of the new book, “Uncontrollable: The Threat of Artificial Superintelligence and The Race to Save the World.” In the interview, he breaks down what […]