What Would Jane Austen Do? (Advice)

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Dear Jane, I’m planning a trip with my significant other and we have very different travel styles. I love to relax and take it slow, while my partner wants to see and do as much as possible. How can we compromise and plan a trip that accommodates both of our preferences? Sincerely, Tired of the […]

Episode 2: Still a Classic? The Remains of the Day

SAC the remains

In episode two of Still a Classic, Leah and Susan talk about the 1989 novel The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, which follows Stevens, a head butler with a long record of service at Darlington Hall, an English estate. It won the Booker Prize, was made into an acclaimed 1993 film, and was […]

The Keyhole

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By Leah Eichler “Ma’am, I’m glad you are home. There’s an issue with my door.” Karen forced a smile at her tenant, who poked his head through his door as soon as he heard her walk up the steps to her own. He’d only been living in her basement apartment for three days but already […]

The Radiant Body

Lea The Radiant Body 20230518

By Oksana Marafioti, (An excerpt from “All Of Us Fragile And Brave”) Lina and I boarded our bus in Prague and arrived in Brno, where later that afternoon, I was scheduled to read from my book at the Brno Museum of Romani Culture. Lina, as my book translator, would be reading in Czech. Before this […]

Storage Space

storage space

By Heidi Fisher, My parents’ house is bigger than mine. It is cleaner, better organized, certainly quieter. Retired, my mom has no shortage of time to sort, tidy, and redecorate, which results in me being dragged upstairs to an extra closet to reclaim old prom dresses, to the garage to receive packets of seeds and […]

Episode 1: Still a Classic? The Lovely Bones

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In the first episode of our new podcast series, Still a Classic? Leah Eichler and Susan Catto debate whether or not Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones still deserves its status.


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By Jowita Bydlowska He looked exactly the same as he did on the Apps, in the picture with the baseball hat. He ordered a slice of bread with a vegan thing on it. It came with sauces that showed up in small fussy containers. The waitress wore her hair in a ponytail, straight like a […]

Al Gofa Interview: Transcending Genres

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By Jean Marc Ah-Sen. Montreal-based comics artist Al Gofa has built a career testing out creative ways to mix genres. In his debut graphic novel Chevalier Bataille (Knight Battle,) Gofa reworked key elements of the war story until it aligned with the structure of the quest narrative. His follow-up Dark Angels of Darkness featured gladiatorial […]

Billy and The Priest

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By Luke Beling, Father Sampson took me in after I passed out on the curb near his church. He let me use his shower and gave me a clean set of clothes and a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich. Then, when he drove me back to Ma’s house, he told her I’d go to mass if […]

Does “Death of an Author” spell the Death of Authors?

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By Leah Eichler, James Ledbetter, the executive editor at the Observer, whom I had the pleasure of working with several years ago at Reuters, revealed a cryptic piece of gossip in his Facebook feed earlier this week. He said that a large corporation that makes oodles of money publishing horoscopes to paying readers has quietly […]