The Interview With Bruce Farrell Rosen

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In this episode, we speak with Bruce Farrell Rosen about his book “Bombed in His Bed: The Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush.” Myer Rush was Bruce’s uncle.

The Interview: International Women’s Day With Susan Catto

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On Tuesday, March 8th, Esoterica hosted a roundtable discussion on International Women’s Day. What does it mean today and how will you celebrate? Our special guest will be Susan Catto, an award-winning writer and editor who has contributed to The New York Times, The Economist and Time.

Esoterica’s The Interview with Oritte Bendory

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Bendory is a writer with over twenty years of experience working across multiple mediums. She currently has a sci-fi movie in development at Amblin Entertainment (when Steven Spielberg says, “I love it, let’s buy it!” one does not protest), which has recently brought an award winning Sundance