A Love Letter to All Women (and Men)


By Rita Jane Gabbett This is a cautionary tale for all the women I love, which, as it turns out, includes all women. It might be worth consideration for you guys too. When you are having an angiogram (cardiac catheter procedure), they don’t knock you out all the way. This is because they might have […]

Can an Artist be Happy? Arizona O’Neill has Some Thoughts

Heather ONeill Page 10

(Caption: ARIZONA: Do you think authors are responsible for exposing the dark side of society? HEATHER: I don’t think any subject is dark to a writer. We are drawn to what excites us and is rich with possibility. I find darkness beautiful and vulnerable and full of pathos and violence and sweetness.) By Jean Marc […]

Shock & Awe, Excerpt from Junkyard Girl


On November 22, Carlyn Montes De Oca appeared on Esoterica’s podcast to discuss her memoir, Junkyard Girl. In it, she relates how, at 57, she took a DNA test on a whim, and discovered that she was not only adopted, but her entire family knew. Here’s an excerpt:   “SOMETHING BIG HAS HAPPENED in our family […]

French Actor Clementi’s Prison Memoir “Not a Warning, but a Wailing”

Interview 4

By Jean Marc Ah-Sen Pierre Clėmenti, the enigmatic French actor and director whose roles in Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard, Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour, and Phillipe Garrel’s The Virgin’s Bed made him one of the most recognizable talents in the world of art house cinema, was arrested in 1972 on suspicion of drug possession charges […]

A Dublin Fall in Fall


By Maddalena Beltrami In that brief moment of twilight, where the thoughts are as random and as powerful as can be, I think I have to tell my mother what happened to me. The thought is so real that when I awaken a few seconds later to the realization that, “you can’t, she’s dead”, the […]

Songs and the Seeping Sadness


By Robert Basler Come and sit by my side if you love me, do not hasten to bid me adieu, but remember the Red River Valley, and the cowboy who loved you so true “Does she really love that cowboy?” “Yes, I think she does.” “Then why is she leaving him?”  “Sometimes people just think […]

Ivan Baidak: Moving from Self-Inflicted Invisibility to Visibility

In visible

By Diane Bracuk (In)visible— An (in) sider’s look at living with visible disabilities by award-winning Ukrainian author Ivan Baidak. A year ago, many people would have been hard pressed to find Ukraine on a map. Now with the Russian invasion, the country and its people have become highly visible to the world, with many Western […]

The F-Boys of Jane Austen

The F Boys of Jane Austen 4

By Susan Catto, I don’t believe in defining anything I enjoy as a “guilty pleasure”—I’ll read and watch what I like and not feel bad about it—but I admit to feeling a little sheepish about my enjoyment of F-Boy Island. The HBOMax hit (on Crave in Canada) follows three women as they sort through two […]

The Bi-Divide

Bi Divide 2

By Alexandra Beitia, In 2020, a Gallup review reported that 3.1% of all U.S. adults self-identify as bisexual. The review also shows that it is most common for younger generations to identify as bisexual, as 15.9% of Generation Z (born 1997-2002) identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. However, even as growing numbers of people feel comfortable […]

Psychedelics & the Norse Viking Warriors

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By Andrew M. Weisse, On a cold battlefield in Scandinavia sometime around 900 A.D., legend has it that a Norse Viking Berserker Warrior, adorned in nothing but a severed Bears head repurposed as a helmet, devoured the edges of his shield before gulping down fiery coals and snatching live embers with his mouth. He howled […]